Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

One more Christmas**** Christmas brings me great childhood memories. It was my favourite festival while growing up. Hailing from a Christian family there was a big religious significance too.

As kids we were busy the day before Christmas setting up Christmas tree and manger. There was a silent competition among neighbours for the best decorations. Fireworks were big time for Christmas Eve. I also remember waiting for my brothers and sister to come home for Christmas. And this was my greatest joy of Christmas to be with all my siblings . Other memories included house to house carol singing, going to church to attend mid night mass in a moonlit night, getting presents and most important of all; the good food.

Since both my parents are from Kuttanad and settled in Pala, one can see a Kuttanadan influence in our cuisine, specilally in the Fish preparations. During Christmas at my house in Pala you can see a good display of my mom’s culinary skills. Special mention is needed for her ‘Appam and Pork Piralan’. I don’t think either me or my siblings can ever forget the taste of her Pork Piralan. This is a typical Pala style Pork preparation enhanced my mom’s secret ingredients. I want to thank my mom for all the good food she fed us while growing up.

We had a great Christmas this year also. Ashlyn was all into Santa Claus and was excited to get all the presents she wished for. I & Sanjesh were into Christmas decorations and trying out some new recipes. Our hit this year was ‘Roast Leg of Lamb’. As usual I made appam and pork piralan (this year it was close to my mom’s recipe) and some other nadan dishes….I have to have traditional Kerala food to get the real feel of Christmas. We also made fruit cake, another family recipe (this one from my husband’s side) and thanks to my mother in law. She bakes great cakes and her fruit cake is famous. This year our cake was so good that we even shared it with our neighbours.

Apart from all the good food and merry making we found some time to appreciate all the blessings we have and to stay grounded. And that is the message I want to pass on to my daughter.
Let’s embrace the peace and joy of Christmas and be better human beings.


Asha said...

You do have some sleeping talents in you...........make sure you wake them up in the right side of the bed.

Asha said...

The comments are from Boban as Asha.......