Monday, December 17, 2007

London,Canada our home away from home

Let me introduce you to the beautiful place where we live now.
If Kerala is "God's own country", Canada is "God's vacation home".
We now live in a quiet and beautiful city in Canada called London(named by the early English settlers in this place) a city where you'll find miles of beautiful pathways and acres of rolling parkland. Downtown London has its own identity with unique shops, fine restaurants, intimate cafes and bistros. I can do hours of window shopping here.
We (me & my husband) are both doing our masters in the University Of Western, London - one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Canada. We are eight months into the course and we have already fallen in love with this place. I will write about our student life another time.

It is winter now and London is all covered in snow. We had a snow storm past weekend and had 30cm of snow. December is my favorite month of the year in Canada . Everything looks so beautiful in December all covered in snow. Nature is at its best now ;I should say second best because "fall/autumn" is my favorite season and that is a whole topic of its own.
Coming back to winter, since we are done with our exams now and enjoying our xmas break we find lots of time to do things we like. Today we decided to explore the scenic winter trails in London and the pictures above will take you with us......I don't think I could do justice to the nature ...but here is a sample of the visual treat the nature had for us today....Enjoy.

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Matthewj said...

Is this really your place of living or just a nice place?